Hardware Solutions

Splash provide both local and web based monitoring and control solutions


Splash offers both local and web based remote monitoring and control solutions. These solutions generally rely upon the SPLASH Streambox which is available in 3G/4G and wifi / ethernet models.
The SPLASH system consists of local communication hardware that are installed within HVAC equipment or other equipment to be monitored on a site. These SPLASH devices are known as Streamboxes (SB). The SB provides:
A local interface to the equipment and/or
A Web based interface to the equipment using the SPLASH Cloud system
If data is sent to the SPLASH Cloud it allows equipment to be managed remotely.

SPLASH 3G/4G Streambox (SB 4G) – Small enough to be installed in most applications with dimensions of 90mm x 52mm x 20mm. There are various antennas options including direct attached, external magnetic mount and higain external. The 4G SB is supplied as standard connected to the SPLASH Global Data Service Platform (GDSP) which utilises the Vodafone mobile network. This allows the hardware, monitoring subscription and data use to be collated in to a single monthly or annual charge. If a customer would prefer to connect the 4G SB on to their own Vodafone account or utilise another data network a second SIM can be inserted in to the 4G SB which will override the inbuilt SIM card.

SPLASH Ethernet Streambox (SBE) – The SBE has dimensions of 93mm x 62mm x 27mm and is available in several configurations including:
Ethernet SB – connects to the local LAN to connect to the SPLASH servers

Wifi SB – connects to the local wifi network to connect to the SPLASH servers. If a customer wants to use wifi we would recommend that two SB are used to setup their own wifi network. This eliminates the need to rely upon the customer’s wifi network which is often not a reliable long term solution due to changes of network permissions or hardware changes.
Wifi mesh network – using the SBE wifi a meshed network of SBE can be installed such that data from multiple SBE are configured to communicate with other local SBE which in turn communicate with a central SBE that acts as the gateway to the customer (for local access), to a BMS system (ie as a Bacnet gateway) or to the SPLASH servers

For critical sites that do not want to rely upon their own ethernet LAN a SPLASH SB can be configured to normally send data to SPLASH servers via the LAN and then if the LAN fails data can be sent via a 4G SB to SPLASH servers. This can include a mini UPS providing power to the two SB’s.

SPLASH SBE can be used as a Bacnet Gateway. The SPLASH modbus to Bacnet Gateway is a simple and cost effective solution to obtain data from and control supported modbus devices via a BMS. Supported devices include:
The current Temperzone product range using UC6, UC7 and UC8 controllers
Controllers using modbus communication
Modbus gateways communicating with proprietary software on most common HVAC brands
Solar inverters, charge controllers and power loggers using their own proprietary communication protocols.