HVAC installers and contractors

SPLASH Applied offers significant benefits to HVAC installers and contractors including;
Improved efficiency and internal processes
Improved offering to customers
Increased customer retention and increased sales

HVAC Contractors

SPLASH Applied offers significant benefits to HVAC installers and contractors including;
Spend less time commissioning and maintaining HVAC systems.
The SPLASH Applied “Commissioning Assistant” provides HVAC model specific semi-automated commissioning and servicing check sheets and work records
Obtain remote technical assistance from other technicians, the head office or from the HVAC manufacturer who also have remote access to the current system operation / monitoring information
Access to model specific technical information including installation manual, wiring diagram, user guide, exploded view and itemised parts

Order spare parts from within SPLASH Applied, receive parts quickly and ensure the correct parts are ordered (due October 2020)
Provides the installer with remote visibility of and access to the system during liability periods and so they are not reliant upon access through a BMS, if installed. Allows causes of issues or faults to be more easily identified

Provides access to historical commissioning, maintenance and fault records providing visibility of works completed. Records can be programmed to be emailed to the customers.

Reduces site visits - remotely diagnose faults, change settings, update software and firmware
Receive email alerts if systems underperform, a fault develops or systems need servicing
If issues cant be resolved remotely, technicians attend site informed and prepared with the required materials which reduces the time technicians spend on site
Assists to geographically allocate resources improving efficiency and reducing the time taken to visit site

Simple to understand periodic health-check reports provide peace of mind and are able to be sent to customers as part of maintenance agreements (Due mid 2020)
Offer customers 24/7 monitoring as part of maintenance agreements
Increases sales; provides a point of difference with a comprehensive maintenance package
Assists in customer retention and engagement and improves customer service
Provides a marketing and promotion tool with branded animations and screens

Single IOT platform able to support / remotely monitor and control products from different manufacturers
Cost effective BMS and fleet management solution
An overview of SPLASH Applied is available here