About Us

SPLASH provides innovative IOT solutions and was developed by a team of respected, skilled engineers and technicians and included educational representatives.

SPLASH was developed by a team of respected, skilled engineers and technicians including educational representatives. Leading this team was Ian Sumner, a Chartered Building Services Engineer and Technical Director of Energy Conscious Design.
Ian was initially a plumber in the UK and returned to University in London, graduating in 1996 with a First Class Honours degree in "Energy Engineering", energy conservation in buildings and mechanical building services. Ian worked with The Building Research Establishment’s (BRE), the Building Research Energy Conservation Support Unit (BRECSU) in the UK before emigrating to New Zealand working as a Mechanical Building Services Engineer, establishing Energy Conscious Design in 2003 and SPLASH Monitoring in 2010.
SPLASH is solution focused and a proven system having been installed on over a thousand installations since 2010.
SPLASH offers;
SPLASH Cloud – feature rich and cost effective customised IOT platforms and solutions including to OEM’s in all markets
SPLASH Applied - remote monitoring and control systems for building services, ideally suited to smaller commercial sites including industrial sites and processes, swimming pools, cool stores and critical facilities
SPLASH Applied educational - educational interfaces and lobby displays ideally suited for schools and museums to provide education and promotion of renewable energy systems, power generation and consumption and energy efficiency measures

SPLASH Applied and SPLASH Cloud;
allow asset fleet management of packaged or stand alone air conditioning systems, ensuring that they are correctly commissioned, maintained and operate as intended.
allow all systems to be managed on a single platform irrespective of their manufacturer
provide industry leading remote support and diagnostics
SPLASH Applied and SPLASH Cloud ensure all of a User’s systems are adequately managed and supported through their life cycle including;
operation and
The target markets for SPLASH Applied include;
Remote monitoring and control of building services in commercial buildings where a complex and expensive BMS system is not required
Remote monitoring and control of industrial sites and processes, cool stores, refrigeration systems, wineries, breweries etc.
Monitoring of sites and processes that require secondary monitoring for compliance
Providing a duplicate version of SPLASH Cloud including the platform and databases to provide a fully independent IOT platform suited to most products and markets
Supporting research and development
Power monitoring and control
Remote monitoring and control of renewable energy systems
Providing unique animations and lobby displays for businesses to market their investment in renewable energy or energy efficiency and to aid education in schools, museums and public buildings
SPLASH Cloud can provide all the features and benefits of SPLASH Applied in a fully customised and branded solution for clients in any industry